Emmanuel Omonti Otunga on the recent Summer School

Emmanuel with friends from university at Leibniz Universität Hannover. © Emmanuel Omondi

December 2014


My stay in Hannover in Germany has been good this far. There were lots of festivities during the summer and other opportunities that enabled me to create new friends not only from Germany but from all over the world. Communication challenges are still present but German language courses offered at the university are helping me to improve social interactions within and outside the university.

My studies and research in the Woody Plant and Propagation Physiology Section at the Institute of Horticultural Production Systems is super since the environment is very conducive. The colleagues in my workgroup at the department are very supportive and the systems are well organized. I also have access to very good lab instruments and the electronic database for my research.

Finally, HORTINLEA is giving me unique opportunities for training through many vigorous programs such as the Summer School. The last Summer School in Nairobi in September was helpful as an eye-opener on various considerations in research planning that could easily be undervalued at the initial stages of research. It was also very interesting to see how various research fields interact with each other, for instance natural sciences, where I am, interact closely with social sciences in the sense that they will make outcomes of research meaningful and relevant to the society. It was nice, too, to hear experiences from colleagues about their work. Definitely, it was totally awesome that the Summer School was happening in my country and therefore I could enjoy a familiar environment and foods. Moreover, it was fun to interact outside serious academic work with other colleagues within HORTINLEA, especially for the fact we have different personalities and diverse backgrounds and cultures.

I have no doubt that by the end of my studies under HORTINLEA I will have gained a holistic and nurturing education that will enrich my professional and social life.


SP6 - Variety development and seed systems

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