HORTINLEA Summer School

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched the funding initiative "Securing the Global Food Supply – GlobE” to support the global development of sustainable, high-output agriculture. The HORTINLEA Project is one of the projects funded under the GlobE initiative. HORTINLEA is an interdisciplinary research project addressing food security in East Africa. 18 East African and German universities and research institutes work collaboratively to produce and distribute knowledge in order to increase horticultural production and consumption, especially of indigenous vegetables. The overall goal is to improve the livelihood and nutritional situation of the rural and urban poor.

This objective is the guiding theme for the HORTINLEA Summer School series. The Summer Schools are organized by the HORTINLEA Capacity Building Office in conjunction with the participating HORTINLEA institutions and external experts. These one-week intensive programs will be held annually and are primarily aimed at building doctoral and Master students’ research, management and networking capacities while addressing challenges they face in the course of their research. The aims of the HORTINLEA Summer Schools are thus;


  • to equip participants with the knowledge of transformative, socio-technical innovation in the horticultural field
  • to enable PhD students to link their individual research projects to low their fellow students research
  • to provide practice-oriented tools that students could use to enrich their individual projects
  • to exchange ideas between students and experts and thus further advance interdisciplinary and innovative research within HORTINLEA

While the Summer School is primarily aimed at exchange of knowledge and dissemination of research results, it is also aimed at connecting people and ideas. Given the nature of the HORTINLEA project, with members scattered all over the globe in different research institutions, the Summer School offers a unique chance for members to meet and interact in formal and informal settings. For the students, the Summer School, which runs parallel to the HORTINLEA Annual General Meeting, provides a chance to meet the senior researchers in the project and obtain guidance, advice and access to researcher networks while serving as a hub for strengthening the interdisciplinary nature of the HORTINLEA project through exchange of ideas from various scientific disciplines.