Francis Osia Odula

Growth and Yield of Ethiopian Kales (Brassica carinata) and Spider Plant (Cleome gynandra) Under Water Saving Strategies (preliminary) (SP1)

Naomi Chelimo Ketter

Genetic diversity and water use parameters of African Leafy Vegetable (ALV), spider plant (Gynandropsis gynandra (L.) Briq.) and African nightshade (Solanum villosum), for modelling optimum irrigation (preliminary) (SP1)

Allan Ndua Mweke

Development of Entomopathogenic Fungi as Biopesticides for the Management of Cowpea aphid (Aphis craccivora Koch) and their Integration into Cowpea IPM (preliminary) (SP2)

Daniel Mwangi Mureithi

Development of Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Important Pests Amaranth and African Nightshades in Kenya (preliminary) (SP2)

Jackline Mworia

Optimizing the Production of Secondary Metabolites in African Indigenous Vegetables for Insect Management as Influenced by Fertilizer and Water Regimes (preliminary) (SP2)

Shem Bonuke Nchore

Characterization and Non-Chemical Management of Root-Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) on African Nightshades in Selected Parts of Kenya (preliminary) (SP2)

Godfrey Nambafu

Mineral Management in African Indigenous Vegetables' Production System (preliminary) (SP3)

Enos Onyuka

Has Soil Organic Matter Management to be Crop specific? (preliminary) (SP3)

Dinah Karimi Kirigia

Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms Investigations of African Leafy Vegetables for Quality Assurance in Postharvest Management (preliminary) (SP4)

Elisha Otieno Gogo

Quality Assurance Through Postharvest Treatment of African Indegenous Leafy Vegetables (preliminary) (SP4)

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Eliud Nalianya Wafula

Effects of Postharvest-Processing Technologies on the Safety and Quality of African Indigenous Vegetables (preliminary) (SP4)

Abraham Wahid Luvonga

Impact Assessment of Selected African Leafy vegetables on Human Health and Nutrition: Phytochemical Characterization & Antioxidant Capacity Evaluation  (preliminary) (SP5)

Grace Akinyi Odongo

In vitro assessment of the chemoprotective potential of African leafy vegetables against aflatoxin-induced diseases (preliminary) (SP5)

Emmanuel Omondi Otunga

Analysis of Genetic and Reproductive Characteristics of Spider plant (Cleome gynandra) - An African Vegetable (preliminary) (SP6)

Regina Chemutai Rono

Genetic Analysis and Reproductive Characteristics of African Nightshades (Solanum section Solanum L.) (preliminary) (SP6)

Oshingi Shilla

Morphological and Phytochemical Diversity of Spider Plant (Cleome gynandra L.) Collections from Various African Countries and Performance of Selected Genotypes Under Different Moisture Regimes (preliminary) (SP6)

Gido Obedy Eric

Analysis of Consumer Demand for Fresh African Indigenous Vegetables (preliminary) (SP7a)

Anne Aswani Musotsi

Re-Discovering Indigenous Vegetables: Changing Food Habits and Consumption Patterns in Kenya (preliminary) (SP7b)

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Meike Brückner

The Role of Gendered Food Habits in Value Chain Analysis (preliminary) (SP7b)

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Barnabas Kurgat

Promotion of African Indigenous Vegetables: Contribution to Nutrition-Sensitive and Low Carbon Horticultural Pathway in Kenya (preliminary) (SP8)

Winifred Chepkoech

African Indigenous Vegetables in the Face of Climate Change: A Socio-Economic Analysis of Adaptation Options in Kenya (preliminary) (SP8)

Evans Ngenoh

Shocks, Coping Strategies, and High-Valued Market Participation among African Leafy Vegetable Smallholder Producers in Kenya (preliminary) (SP9)

Henning Krause

Welfare and Food Security Aspects of African Leafy Vegetable Producers in Kenia (preliminary) (SP9)

Sabina Khatri Karki

Production Diversity, Technical Efficiency and Food Security of African Indigenous Vegetable Producers in Kenya (preliminary) (SP9)

Emma Laura Awino Oketch

Shifts in Gender Power Dynamics in the African Indigenous Vegetables Value Chain in Kenya (preliminary) (SP10)

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Ruth Wanjiku Githiga

Mapping Domestic Value Chain from a Gender Perspective: The Case of African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs) in Kenya (preliminary) (SP10)

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Joseph Mwangi

Regulatory framework of Kenyan horticultural industry and implications for smallholder participation and compliance (preliminary) (SP11)

Catherine Mawia Mwema

Social Networks and Informal Institutions along the African Leafy Vegetables' Value Chain (preliminary) (SP11)

Abel Otiene

Upgrading in African Indigenous Vegetable Local Value Chains: The Case of Small Producers in Kenya (preliminary) (SP12)

Nancy Laibuni

Research to Action: The Case of the African Leafy Vegetables Value Chain in Kenya (preliminary) (SP13)

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