Meike Brückner

I am a PhD student in SP7b Meal Cultures in Market Trends and Consumption Habits, my supervisor is Prof. Christine Bauhardt. My PhD topic addresses the spatiality of meal habits and its social dynamics: How does place influence consumer behavior and how do consumers – with their needs, preferences and gendered food activities – shape the place they inhabit? The aim is to characterise rural–urban differences in meal patterns and to show the strong dependency of meal habits on the local infrastructure, ecological conditions and place-based socio-cultural meanings. In SP7b I share the work together with Anne Aswani. She does the field work in Kenya, whilst I myself am responsible for the conceptual and theoretical background of our project. Right now we share our office in Berlin, which paves the way for a fruitful exchange of results and ideas. This autumn we are going to the field together to combine our theoretical and practical knowledge.

Before coming to HORTINLEA I studied Sociology, Human Geography and Cultural Anthropology at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena in Germany and at the Dalarna University in Sweden. After I finished my studies I worked at the University of Potsdam in the fields of sociology of health.

In HORTINLEA I like the fact that it addresses needs and daily realities of people. In our SP we observe them while cooking AIVs at home and interview them, therefore we can really immerse in the world of the SPs and investigate their food practices at a local level. Further I appreciate to have the opportunity to work with young researchers, with which I can share experiences, as well as to work with experienced researchers from which I can learn a lot. HORTINLEA provides a good basis for me because after finishing my PhD I would like to continue work in the field of food security and meal habits. My goal is to contribute to the analysis of the social embeddedness of food habits and thus to improve the livelihood and nutritional situation.