Ruth Wanjiku Githiga

I am working on SP10 Gender Order: Embedding Gender in Horticultural Value Chains to Close or Reduce the Productivity Gap under the supervision of Prof. Christine Bauhardt and Dr. Ann Kingiri.  In my PhD thesis I investigate the effects of commercialisation of AIV production from a gender perspective. I am particularly interested in an intersectional perspective that focuses at inequalities and power asymmetries at the intersections of gender, ethnicity and class.

My educational background consists of a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Master's degree in Horticulture from the University of Nairobi. Before joining HORTINLEA I worked with the Kenya Flower Council, a membership organisation for flower growers and exporters and a key player in horticultural industry value chains in Kenya. Prior to this, I worked with rural communities to promote the production and consumption of AIVs.

HORTINLEA and particularly SP10 bring an understanding of how gendered power asymmetries, the gender division of labor as well as gendered norms and institutions in households and markets influence the organisation and functioning of AIV value chains. This allows a fresh view on value chain analysis, which helps to better understand social dynamics along the value chain. Integrating a gender perspective to value chain analysis was exactly my motivation to joining this project. Further, the different SP studies bring in an overall analysis of various aspects in the value chain and give a guide on a comprehensive way of study for other sectors.

After completing my PhD studies I look forward to continuing to work on the social aspects of the value chain with the community, development agencies and particularly academia. The HORTINLEA project provides the starting point to achieve this through current research and community engagement.