Embracing Participatory Research for AIVs

How can African indigenous vegetables (AIVs) be more present in Kenyans’ diets? Why do farmers grow AIVs and why not? Which role does gender play in production, marketing and consumption of AIVs? These were guiding questions at...[more]

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Collaborating for Knowledge Exchange Towards Food and Nutrition Security - The HORTINLEA Master’s Thesis Programme

After almost six months running, the HORTINLEA Master’s Thesis Programme has reached its halftime for the cycle of 2016/17. The programme started in September 2016 to accompany 13 Master students during the process of writing...[more]

Category: General HORTINLEA, SP 13, PhD & Master theses


HORTINLEA Annual Meeting 2015

How can African indigenous vegetables (AIVs) be utilized to improve the livelihoods of farmers and other people along the value chain? What chances do AIVs create and how can they enhance general food security in Kenya? In the...[more]

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Master Thesis opportunities

HORTINLEA offers a number of Master positions in different research areas. Please see the details in this table.(Only master thesis topics highlighted in black are currently available.)Please note that the Project HORTINLEA does...[more]

Category: General HORTINLEA, SP 2, SP 4, SP 7, SP 9, SP 10, SP 12, PhD & Master theses


Call for Applications for PhD positions in Subprojects 7 and 12

HORTINLEA offers two PhD positions in the research areas of “Market trends and consumption habits” and “Value chain strategies”. A salary or scholarship will be provided during the research phase at one of the Kenyan partner...[more]

Category: SP 7, SP 12, PhD & Master theses

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