Lost and Found: Qualitative Field Research

From the beginning, it felt like a great opportunity to travel to Kenya and investigate smallholders’ role from a value chain perspective. I was long considering whether smallholders can obtain their ‚autonomous’ operations in...[more]

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Starting Early - How Does School Gardening of AIVs affect Students’ Nutritional Knowledge and Attitudes?

Food insecurity and malnutrition is a major issue in Kenya. In 2011 33% of children in Kenya were anemic and 42% of school children suffered from iron deficiency. However, children learn quickly about nutrition and how activity...[more]

Category: SP 13, General HORTINLEA, PhD & Master theses


Queen of African Indigenous Vegetables visits researchers in Freiburg and Karlsruhe

Prof Mary Abukutsa thanks researchers from SPs 4 and 5 – they believe that some African indigenous vegetables could potentially play a role in cancer prevention. From August 7th to 8th a research team led by Prof Mary...[more]

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Getting the Word Out in Science - How to Become More Visible as a Young Researcher

PhD student Nancy Laibuni received a prize for her presentation on "Characterizing organisational linkages in the African indigenous vegetable value chains in Kenya". ©Nancy Laibuni

Getting noticed as a young researcher in science can be difficult, especially for women. To develop skills and a network to participate in academic discourse thus need to be on the mind of every young researcher. A good...[more]

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Discovering Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies for Food Security in Kenya

My master thesis on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of food security strategies in Kenya, within the framework of the HORTINLEA Master's Thesis Programme, took me on a two months’ journey through Kenya. During this time, I...[more]

Category: SP 13, General HORTINLEA, PhD & Master theses


Closing the knowledge gap between research, policy and practice

What are the results achieved thus far in the HORTINLEA project? How can the various results from the HORTINLEA project and its sub-projects (SPs) be disseminated and used after ending in July 2018? How can the knowledge gap...[more]

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Studying Underutilised Vegetables in Tanzania

In mid-March 2017, together with another student from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), I started a two-week field work trip under the wing of the HORTINLEA Master’s Thesis Programme. We travelled to Kilimanjaro and...[more]

Category: General HORTINLEA, SP 13, PhD & Master theses

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