HORTINLEA connects with partners for a new Knowledge Exchange Initiative (KExIn)

Following the successful completion of its first phase, Sub-Project 13 - Promoting the dissemination and communication of research results - announces the second phase of its activities: Aiming to launch a Knowledge Exchange...[more]

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'Connecting Innovators, Making Pro-Poor Solutions Work' published

SP13, Disseminating Research Results Into Policies and Practice, has published its study Connecting Innovators, Making Pro-Poor Solutions Work - The Innovation System on African Leafy Vegetables in Kenya. The study provides an...[more]

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HORTINLEA Report on the Progress of Individual SPs in 2014 published

HORTINLEA has compiled a Joint Report showing the progress of the research project. Parts of the Joint Report have been broken down into more concise reports covering one individual SP each. The reports can be found in each SP's...[more]

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African Indigenous Vegetables on German Television ZDF

ZDF, the Second German Television, one of the biggest television broadcasters in Germany, reports on the trend that is Indigenous Vegetables in Africa. The short video also features HORTINLEA's Prof. Mary Abukutsa-Onyango who...[more]

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HORTINLEA at the International Symposium on Horticultural Economics and Management

Prof. Wolfgang Bokelmann, Dr. Sindu Workneh Kedebe, Zoltan Ferenczi and Emil Gevorgyan joined the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) in Alnarp, Sweden, from May 31 to June 3.Prof. Wolfgang Bokelmann had the...[more]

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Article on exports of Kenyan vegetable on

Germany´s main TV station, ARD, published an article on Kenyan vegetable on its website. The article highlights that the Kenyan vegetable production industry is nearly exclusively directed towards exports and hardly any vegetable...[more]

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Connecting innovators – making pro-poor solutions work

The overall success and sustainability of the HORTINLEA project will depend among others on the ability to put the gained knowledge from research into practice. To ensure the uptake and adaptation of the research findings, SP13...[more]

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