Gender in Agricultural Value Chains: African Indigenous Vegetables in Kenya

PhD Workshop Berlin,24.11.2017 Invalidenstr. 42, Room 1231 Even though AIVs (African Indigenous Vegetables) are an integral part of the Kenyan diet and meal culture, their potential for food sovereignty and sustainable...[more]

Category: SP 10, SP 7


Embracing Participatory Research for AIVs

How can African indigenous vegetables (AIVs) be more present in Kenyans’ diets? Why do farmers grow AIVs and why not? Which role does gender play in production, marketing and consumption of AIVs? These were guiding questions at...[more]

Category: General HORTINLEA, SP 7, SP 10, PhD & Master theses


HORTINLEA Annual Meeting 2016

Which disciplinary research results could realistically promote farmers producing African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs)? How to sew scientific findings together to create an interdisciplinary strategy with holistic solutions? How...[more]

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Gender Analysis alone is not enough

Dr. Ann Kingiri is a researcher at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) in Kenya and the Open University, UK. Her broad expertise includes Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy analysis, environmental policy...[more]

Category: General HORTINLEA, SP 7, SP 13


HORTINLEA Annual Meeting 2015

How can African indigenous vegetables (AIVs) be utilized to improve the livelihoods of farmers and other people along the value chain? What chances do AIVs create and how can they enhance general food security in Kenya? In the...[more]

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HORTINLEA Report on the Progress of Individual SPs in 2014 published

HORTINLEA has compiled a Joint Report showing the progress of the research project. Parts of the Joint Report have been broken down into more concise reports covering one individual SP each. The reports can be found in each SP's...[more]

Category: SP 1, SP 2, SP 3, SP 4, SP 5, SP 6, SP 7, SP 8, SP 9, SP 10


Master Thesis opportunities

HORTINLEA offers a number of Master positions in different research areas. Please see the details in this table.(Only master thesis topics highlighted in black are currently available.)Please note that the Project HORTINLEA does...[more]

Category: General HORTINLEA, SP 2, SP 4, SP 7, SP 9, SP 10, SP 12, PhD & Master theses

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