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19.05.2014 17:14 Age: 6 yrs
Category: SP 13, SP 14

Coordination meeting SP 13 and SP 14

Subproject 13 (Emil Gevorgyan, Nana Takvarelia) and Subproject 14 (Joshua Eshuchi) held a coordination meeting at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin on 19 May 2014 to discuss various strategies for cooperation on common and overlapping objectives. The key issues discussed were:

  • Maintenance and updating of the HORTINLEA website with regards to news and events
  • Integration of a Learning Management System to the website as a dissemination and networking platform
  • The launch of  the first HORTINLEA newsletter with the Graduate School as the first feature
  • Preparation of the Tropentag article, including SP coordinator survey, interview transcriptions, data analysis and presentation
  • Preparation for the Capacity Building snapshot during the Annual Meeting in September 2014.