< HORTINLEA connects with partners for a new Knowledge Exchange Initiative (KExIn)
20.08.2015 14:28 Age: 5 yrs
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HORTINLEA connects with partners for a new Knowledge Exchange Initiative (KExIn) PART 3

More than once the good timing of the proposed Knowledge Exchange Initiative has been highlighted by partners during the trip of SP13 - Promoting the dissemination and communication of research results – to Kenya the past days. One of these heavy weight partners is the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, which welcomed the SP13 team on August 11th.

In the meeting the SP13 team got to know the different outreach activities and platforms of the Ministry. In the process the team was invited to play an active role particularly in the packaging of research results dealing with AIVs. For this purpose partners from both sides are to be brought together. The SP13 team also learned that the challenge of regulating outreach material is currently addressed through setting up a guidelines and standards manual, in which HORTINLEA was invited to participate in.

Further SP13 had the opportunity to meet up with Jackson Muchoki (GIZ Food Security and Drought Resilience Programme, National Coordinator) in Nairobi, who brought the team in touch with Dr. Gerrit Gerdes, who as of recently is responsible for GIZ operations on soil protection and rehabilitation as well as green innovations centers in the western part of Kenya. Dr. Gerdes has been fond of the idea to combine the outreach activities of the projects and the SP13 team is glad to have him on board.