< HORTINLEA connects with partners for a new Knowledge Exchange Initiative (KExIn)
20.08.2015 14:28 Age: 5 yrs
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HORTINLEA connects with partners for a new Knowledge Exchange Initiative (KExIn) PART 2

KALRO regional centers in Thika (above), Kisii and Kakamega (below)

Identified by the SLE study as one of the most important Kenyan partners to implement research results within agriculture on the ground SP13 - Promoting the dissemination and communication of research results - met up with KALRO (Kenya Agriculture and Livestock Research Organization) between August 10th and 14th. Together with Dr. Lusike Wasilva (Head of Crop Systems) the SP13 team agreed about the needs of a Knowledge Exchange Initiative and discussed the benefits both partners can bring to the table.

In the process the SP13 team was given the opportunity to further deepen the partnership on a regional level. The team was invited to talk to representatives from the KALRO centers in Katumani, Thika, Kisii and Kagamega, which have become more and more autonomous from the main office in Nairobi.

First in Katumani and then in the other centers the high demand for quality seed was stressed out as one of the priorities for a successful promotion of AIVs. HORTINLEA was therefore invited to participate in the dissemination of research and technology at a field day with one of multiple organized farmer groups, which supply AIVs to the market in Nairobi, and which KALRO Katumani works closely with. A similar offer was made in Thika, which also organize demonstrations with farmers. Further, a cooperation between SP13 and the outreach committee in Thika has been discussed to achieve a tangible impact of the research. In the western part of Kenya KALRO Kakamega has also developed new varieties of African Nightshade, Spider Plant and Amaranth. The testing of these, too, has been discussed as a potential linkage with the HORTINLEA research. It is particularly the western part of the country were AIVs are grown and, recognizing this, a first few counties have now included them onto their agendas.

The SP13 team is looking forward to this cooperation that continues with a KExIn kickoff meeting, including several other partners alongside KALRO, in Berlin in the end of September.