SP9: Poverty, Vulnerability and Coping of Vegetable Producers and Consumers in Rural and Urban Areas of East Africa

The analysis of the role of horticultural value chains will be done by studying the behaviour, i.e. horticultural production decisions, savings and credit, migration, and intra-household allocation decisions; and well-being such as health, income, consumption, food security, of households in response to a variety of shocks. The shocks may be institutional, policy, and climatic changes. Finally, SP9 will also analyse the coping strategies used to overcome these shocks.


Current activities

Sabina Khatri Karki, PhD student in HORTINLEA, is conducting an interview during the pretest phase in March 2014. © Sindu W. Kebede

A pretest of the designed survey questionnaire has been sucessfully conducted in Kenya in March 2014. 


The actual data collection took place in September and Ocotber 2014 in collaboration with Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Egerton University and University of Hannover. Read the report on the data collection.








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