SP12: Elaborating Value Chain Strategies for Indigenous Vegetables

The objectives of the subproject are:

  • to identify relevant socioeconomic factors which will influence the market conditions for indigenous vegetables in the future
  • to determine the changes in international markets as well as their influence on the market conditions in Kenya based on multi-market partial equilibrium modelling

Therefore, three different value added chains will be investigated:

  1. a value chain for the supply of rural areas,
  2. a value chain for the supply of the urban population and
  3. a so-called co-ordinated value added chain, which is directed to the supply of supermarkets.

Furthermore, recommendations will be provided about how the overall efficiency of production, processing and marketing can be improved.

Project partners

Cooperation with other subprojects or third parties

  • Universities and research institutions
  • Extension services
  • Farmer’s organizations

This subproject being located upstream in the value chain may have beneficial and stimulating effects on all subprojects downstream.