SP3: Assessment of Crop-Specific Carbon and Mineral Element Fluxes for Sustainable Soil Fertility Management in Horticultural Productions Systems

The subproject addresses three main goals:

  • Analysis of the current status of nutrient management and of crop-specific mineral nutrient requirements
  • Analysis of the current status of SOM management and of crop-specific effects on SOM content
  • Analysis of the current status and sources of HM  contamination of vegetables, and of crop-specific plant traits regulating HM contamination

The subproject results will serve as a basis for series of options and locally tailored recommendations for integrated SOM and nutrient management in horticultural production systems, and avoidance of HM hazard of vegetable consumers.

Project partners

Cooperation with other subprojects or third parties

  • Universities and research institutions
  • Extension services
  • Farmer’s organizations

This subproject being located upstream in the value chain may have beneficial and stimulating effects on all subprojects downstream.