SP6: Variety development and seed systems

Analyses of the genetic structure and diversity in the three crops as well as flower and seed biology provide us with the scientific basis to reach this aim. Accordingly, specific varieties will be selected in order to meet the demands of the farmers with regards to tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, productivity, nutritional and organoleptic value as well as postharvest quality. In addition, timely and sustainable seed availability, and affordability and accessibility of the improved varieties are imperative.


Emmanuel Omondi Otunga is a PhD student in SP6. He wrote a Blog Story telling about his impressions of working within HORTINLEA.

Project partners

Cooperation with other subprojects or third parties

  • Universities and research institutions
  • Extension services
  • Farmer organisations

This subproject, being located upstream in the value chain, may have beneficial and stimulating effects on all the subprojects downstream.