Research Areas of HORTINLEA

Within HORTINLEA, 14 «Research Areas» or «Subprojects» investigate different components of the horticultural value chain in order to gather knowledge about the production, quality, marketing and consumption of indigenous vegetables. The first group of «Research Areas» analyses options for increasing productivity, e.g. by improving water use efficiency or pest management strategies.

The second group of «Research Areas» focuses on the post-harvest treatment, product quality, processing, logistics and marketing. Here the emphasis is on the reduction of losses, preservation of food quality as well as the reduction of transaction costs. The third group of «Research Areas» deals with the question of how different value chains (rural and urban areas, supermarket chains) contribute to an improved food supply, greater sustainability and poverty reduction and which mechanisms are most effective for achieving those goals.

Two «Research Areas» run parallel to the other «Research Areas». The first relates to the development of a dissemination strategy to communicate strategy recommendations from the other subprojects to relevant actors to inform policy and practice. The other «Research Areas» focuses on capacity building mechanisms. Its aim is to build up a sustainable research network and to promote the ability of young African researchers to plan and carry out interdisciplinary projects orientated towards solving complex real world problems.